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Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Review – Best Podcast WP Plugin?

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Before I start, here’s my story how I got into Podcasting and found Fusebox Smart Podcast Player. (If you want to skip the story)

My Girlfriend bought a new Microphone from Amazon as she wanted to start her Music YouTube Channel. Well, she stopped after 3-4 songs.

The Microphone was just connected to my table. Irritating me constantly. But then, I got an Idea!

How about I use this mic and start a podcast channel?

But the problem was I didn’t know how this whole podcasting thing works. Moreover, who would be my audience? I’m not a native English speaker so my readers may not understand my accent.

So I finally decided to choose my country as a target audience. I created a new website and I was stuck again. Now, what do I do?

As I was already a blogger, I was following Pat Flynn for a long time. I had noticed he has been podcasting for a long time. I started following him along with a few other podcasting stars.

To be frank, I wanted to copy his way of podcasting. The tools he has been using. But, he announced that his team has built the podcasting software which is now open to the market – Smart Podcast Player (Now Rebranded to Fusebox).

So this answered my whole question – How do I start a podcasting channel?


What is Fusebox Podcast Player?

Podcasts are a new way to connect with your audience. In 2020, no one has enough time to read lengthy blog articles and YouTube doesn’t allow you to multitask.

With humans evolving towards multi-tasking and constant learning, people are loving podcasts.

Fusebox Podcast Player was founded by Pat Flynn and his friend Matthew Gartland.

It started when Pat himself was looking for a podcast plugin for his blog. A plugin that would enable visitors to listen to his shows from his very own website. That’s when he teamed up with Matthew and created the plugin he wanted.

It was initially launched as a Smart Podcast Player. Later, they launched a plugin Fusebox which enabled users to see the transcript of the whole podcast. The best part was, it was improving the SEO of Podcasters. Because Google crawls texts on the website.

So, Fusebox is currently supported only in WordPress websites and has been exclusively designed for it. Not only it just plays your audio file, but it also helps in building your subscribers too!

Pat being a blogger himself, knows the importance of growth and marketing.

So, Fusebox is for the podcasters, by the podcasters, and of the podcasters.



Fusebox comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from other Podcast Plugins for WordPress. As I mentioned earlier, it has been made with podcast marketing in mind.

1. Email Capture

Fusebox Email Subscription

Wouldn’t it would be great if you can somehow notify your listeners that your new podcast episode is up? Fusebox Podcast Players gives you that opportunity.

It comes with a built-in email list building tool that allows you to capture emails of your listeners. And you can do that without any third-party plugin. Everything is taken care of by Fusebox.

However, you can always integrate your Fusebox Podcast Player with email marketing solution providers like ConvertKit.

Email marketing solutions enable you to automate a lot of things and capture emails easier and better.

2. Full Podcast Player

Fusebox full pocast player

Unlike other podcast plugins for WordPress, Fusebox gives you full control with a customizable player. Which you can easily embed on your website.

It can be changed completely based on your theme color or style. And, you can embed it anywhere on your website.

The Full Podcast Players has these pieces of information:

  • Search Box – To search for your loved episode.
  • Tags – To add different tags that the user can click on.
  • Description – A full styled editor that would allow you to write in your style and add links.
  • Speed Settings – Yes that too! Your listeners can increase or decrease speed as per their comfort.
  • Subscribe Button – Obviously.
  • Download and Share Options – Your users can download the track
  • Episode list – Just in case someone decides to binge-listen.

I believe this podcast player has been carefully designed and must have taken long hours to design.

3. Download & Social Sharing

download option FPP

If you want to give your listeners an option to download your podcast, you can always do that with Fusion Podcast Player. All they have to do is a simple click on the download button.

If you or your subscribers want to share your podcast on any social media platform, you can add those options too.

In the backend, you can manage which social media sharing option to turn on, and change the style as per your need.

4. Subscription

Fusebox Subscription

If you publish your podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, Tunein, and other music platforms, but you have separate users coming on your website, you can always use the subscribe option.

They will be able to subscribe to you on the respective platform without even going there and searching for your name. This could happen right from your website.

It’s that easy.

5. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Internet being available in almost every device these days, it is really important that your content & design fits into all of them. What’s the point when any of your design takes it’s last breath when the devices are switched?

Well, in Fusebox, you get a responsive podcast plugin that fits into the size of the screen. Irrespective of device type.


6. Fast Loading Speed

Fusebox is really light-weight podcast plugin and also feature-rich. Unlike other podcast plugins for WordPress, Fusebox doesn’t load slow.

Ir is fascinating that even after having so many features, it doesn’t load slow.

7. Transcript

If you just post your podcast on every blog post, you would probably never rank on top of Google’s result page.

Also, a lot of podcasters wish that if they can write a blog post with the help of their podcast.

As mentioned above, Fusebox comes with a transcript feature that you can publish on your website along with your podcast. Hence, your low word count issue is gone.

The best part, it is available in the free plan too.

Users can also download the transcript if they with to read instead of listening to the podcast.


If you want to see your podcast in action, you really need these features.

They are also coming up with a lot of new features in their Pro Plan.

Try Podcast Player Now


Though Fusebox comes with a free plan, I would strongly recommend going for a premium plan. The free plan barely has any features. And, the paid plan is worth the price.

I can’t share the screenshot because the feature list is very long. But, if you want to check and compare the prices, check here.

The pricing is actually very simple. They only have 2 Plans

  • Free Plan (Which has no feature at all!)
  • Pro Plan (Worth the price)

And, these have 2 paying options. Either monthly or yearly. If you choose to pay monthly, the price will be $12/Month which is $144 for a year. But, if you pay annually, the price will be $8/Month which is $96 a year.

So if you choose to pay yearly, you will be saving 33%

I would obviously recommend going with the annual plan because you will save $47 there.

Compare Plans

Fusebox Support

I don’t think you would need support as things are very easy with Fusebox Podcast Player. But still, if you need anything you can reach out to their support team who works from Monday to Friday.

You can always email your queries on  help@fusebox.fm or fill out their contact form.

They have a knowledge base where they have every kind of query answered.

The thing which you’re going to love about their support team is the lighting fast response. You won’t have to wait for days.

Unfortunately, they don’t have call support or chat support.

Is Fusebox Best Podcast Plugin for WordPress?

That goes without saying. Yes!

There are plenty of podcasting plugins for WordPress. In fact, you may find some free ones too.

But you are not going to have those features in the free ones. And, there’s always a fear of plugin not loading. Fusebox is a user-friendly, customizable, and conversion-centric podcast plugin.

Yes, you can obviously go with other plugins but would they give subscribing options?

Repeating visitors are really hard to get. So if you can collect their email IDs, you can mail them every time you add a new episode.

So, Fusebox Postcast Player is a must-go if you are here for the long term game.

Fusebox Podcast Player











  • Conversion-Centric
  • Low Price
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Additional Features


  • No Chat Support

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